Two Websites for Finding Super Cheap Flights

Two essential 2016 resources for finding cheap flights

In the past 6 months, I’ve changed my strategy for finding cheap flights. I’ve booked some pretty incredible deals and skipped out on a few more. I’m now confident to share it publicly as a reliable and effective system for finding cheap flights to anywhere.

The strategic principles of airline savings from 2015 still hold:

Be flexible in your dates and destinations. Fly on Saturdays. Travel light.

Tools I’m using in 2016

Flight Deal

The Flight Deal is a Facebook page that curates the cheapest flight deals offered around the country each day. They use geographic targeting on Facebook to only show flights relevant to your local airports. I booked an upcoming flight from NYC to Tokyo for $398 using this method. Beware that the flights only last for a limited time (3-5 hours) You’ll have to be able to pull the trigger quickly. They will show you how to book your flights through the respective carriers. For Tokyo, this was a quick checkout on Air China’s website.

Other deals I’ve seen are $525 roundtrip for Philadelphia to Hawaii and $149 roundtrip to Belgrade, Serbia. The idea of a $149 flight to central Europe is unbelievable. To sign up for The Flight Deal visit their Facebook page and “Like” them. 


Skyscanner is a Scotland-based website dedicated to generating a searchable list of flight deals around the world. Unlike The Flight Deal, Skyscanner offers search functionality and far more flights. It allows searching by country, cheapest month, and flexible locations. This makes it much more useful for people with time constraints on travel.

With Skyscanner, I booked a $90 roundtrip flight from Miami to Ecuador. Search for all flights departing the entire US. From there you can view all international flight from the USA, in the cheapest month available, sorted by price. Skyscanner allows you to make your destinationEverywhere” which allows you to compare flight prices from 50+ countries departing from the US. At the time of posting the best deal I can find is NYC to Paris for $331 roundtrip in January with a possible stopover in Iceland.

Skyscanner’s database is not perfect. Some flights you find may be sold out.
These two websites are now my two most popular. For the spur of the moment trips, The Flight Deal offers some insanely low prices. If you’re interested in being a bit more selective with your destinations and dates, I recommend Skyscanner. If you need very specific times I still believe Google Flights and Airfare Watchdog are the way to go.